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Under the Net-Metering scheme you can install a system of up to 4kW if your property has a 1-phase electricity connection and a system of up to 10kW if your property has a 3-phase electricity connection.

If you install an Off-Grid system, there are no official limits.

Reach out to us to receive professional guidance on this topic from our personnel.

The main difference between the two types of systems is the way the exported energy is credited to the user. In the case of Net-Metering systems the exported energy is credited to the users EAC Bill as kWh and is subtracted from the consumed kWh’s. The user only pays the difference between imported and exported energy. In the case of Ne-Billing systems the exported energy is credited in Euro based on the current avoidance cost for the Bill period.

An On-Grid photovoltaic system uses the primary electricity supply grid to store excess energy produced during sunlight hours of the day from your solar array. The electricity produced is initially supplied for domestic services. The excess is reserved via the grid and registered as a credit on your consumption in the later hours of the day.

An off-grid photovoltaic system uses batteries to store all the generated energy. Electricity is supplied on-demand from the batteries for the electrical demands of the household. In an off-grid system, the cost of batteries is a large part of your investment.

A photovoltaic system can be installed on the roofs of legally existing and new buildings or on the ground within the block where the building is located.

The required area for a PV (solar) system installed on a sloped (tiled) roof is approximately 7-8m² per kW.

The area required for flat roofs (terrace) or ground is approximately 10-15m² per kW. If there are obstacles or objects casting shadows on the system, then the area required will be greater.

Our personnel will gladly assist you in making a precise calculation for your premises!

The average annual energy yield of a Photovoltaic (PV) System is about 1660 kWh per installed kW, which is equivalent to €500 compensation in electricity bills per installed kW, based on the EAC residential tariff (€0,30/kWh).

Your needs depend on your annual electricity consumption, which varies greatly between each consumer. The average annual energy consumption in Cyprus is about 4850 kWh per person or 12600 kWh per household, which equals an average system size of 2.9 kW per person or 7.6kW per household.

The estimated time of full return on your investment is 3 – 5 years.
We have made a very convenient automatic tool for you to calculate your needs & savings.

You will continue to receive a bi-monthly EAC bill which will take into account your own production, netting the amount payable. Green taxes will still have to be paid. A new charge will be added which is for grid usage. This varies depending on the size of the photovoltaic system installed and your consumption.

The useful operation time of a PV system exceeds 20 years. In many cases solar panels can generate electricity even up to 30-40 years.


The Net Metering Contract with EAC is valid for 15 years for Residential Consumers and 10 years for Commercial Consumers.

Most manufacturers give a guarantee of performance for 25 years that will deliver at least 80% of their original output.

The prospective producer / consumer upon his application submission pays a lump sum of €250 + VAT, which is the administration cost of the application by EAC, the replacement cost of the meter and the inspection and connection cost of the Distribution System.

The producer / consumer pays an annual fee to the Supplier of €47,23 + VAT per installed kW, to offset the belayed/deferred production and consumption of power in the house. These charges are paid by the producer / consumer in six equal instalments and are included in the supplier’s invoice, i.e €7,87 + VAT per kW of the PV system.

EAC issues its approval/permission or its justified rejection of the application within seven (7) working days. In case the application is rejected, only €200 + V.A.T out of the amount paid for the replacement of the meter is returned to the applicant within twenty working days as of the rejection day. The amount of fifty euro (€50) withheld reflects the administration cost of the application by EAC.

Subsequent to the installation of the Photovoltaic (PV) System, an application should be submitted to EAC for inspection and connection of the system with the utility Grid. EAC is responsible to schedule the inspection and the connection within a time period not exceeding 25 working days as of the submission day of the application for connection.

Applicants should have completed the installation, the inspection and the connection of the Photovoltaic (PV) System to the Grid within 60 working days. In case that the installation, inspection and connection of the Photovoltaic (PV) system to the GridSystem are not completed within the 60-day period set, then the approval obtained is no longer in force.

An occasional (1-3 times per year) cleaning of the glass and the frame is highly advisable, as well as regular system checks to avoid a decrease in production.

To make things easy and comfortable, you can benefit from our automatic regular PV maintenance plan.

Of course a PV system produces more electricity on sunny summer days but also on cloudy days the solar system will produce electricity. Photovoltaic panels do not need direct sunlight to produce energy.


Solar panels come with a product warranty ranging from 10 to 25 years and with an efficiency warranty of 80-85+% for 25 – 30 years, ensuring long-term performance and reliability. Inverters are covered by a warranty of 5 to 12 years, depending on the specific model. Our warranties are designed to provide you with peace of mind and assurance in the durability of your solar energy system. Please refer to our warranty documentation for more detailed information.


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