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Our history

It's An Overview Of Our Company In Past 15 Years

GreenSolar was founded in 2005 in St. Rosemary, California, as a manufacturing company of chemicals and constructional materials. Over the past 15 years, we have grown from a small-sized local company into a global technological corporate.

The beginning of the GreenSolar

Our founders knew that a better tomorrow starts with solar access today, and founded BlueWave with the vision of protecting the planet by transforming access to renewable energy. Sed sit amet risus vel felis dictum suscipit.

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First Solar Energy

We launched our solar development business with our first small contract in Massachusetts—and we mean really small. Nam ut mi nec libero sodales imperdiet. Sed sit amet risus vel felis dictum suscipit.

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Renewable Energy

We wanted our solar offerings to be a better choice for consumers, so we worked with regulators to bring community solar into the marketplace and started signing up customers for savings.Nam ut mi nec libero sodales imperdiet.

Green Technology

Solar is proud to offer our clients a designated point of contact, annual site maintenance. Pellentesque in elementum tellus, vitae tempus tortor. Nam ut mi nec libero sodales imperdiet. Sed sit amet risus vel felis dictum suscipit.

CEO Company


John Peter


CEO - Founder

Our team has led, and succeeded throughout, rapid changes in the renewable energy sector.

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